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Custom T Shirts

We make custom apparels, so the shirt, design as well as printing method is up to you. Our most popular option is cotton t-shirts with silkscreen printing on them. Send us your design, and we'll advise you on what's best.

Apparel Types

These are the most popular basic apparel types. Contact us for custom cuts.

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T Shirts

Our most popular item, T-shirts are the perfect canvas to express your ideas and your affiliations. We provide them in cotton or drifit material. For the fashion conscious, try out our slim-fit series.

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Hoodies, zippers and varsity jackets. Warm and yet not stifling, we use cotton fleece mixed with some microfibre for a stretchy feel. For varsity jackets, pick and choose different sleeve and body colors.

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Polo Shirts

Suitable for a more professional look, we use cotton pique material, a soft honeycomb structured material. Polos are also available in drifit. Ladies can try our female-cut polos for a nicer fit.

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Popular among fitness buffs, our microfibre singlets are thin yet not too revealing, making a nice comfortable wear to flaunt your well-toned biceps. Its available in cotton as well.

Printing Types

The Four Printing Types.

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Silkscreen Printing

Our most popular printing method. Suitable for all types of apparels, be it cotton, drifit, or fleece. The printing looks bright and lasts through hundreds of washes. Using high grade Matsui ink, we make sure that even if you stretch it, machine wash and dry, it stays how it is with no cracks whatsoever.

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Digital Printing

Suitable for pictures with numerous colors, digital printing on shirts, commonly known as DTG Printing, uses specialized Epson printers to directly weave the ink particles onto your shirt. Although the printed images are smooth and bright, not all apparels are suitable for digital printing.

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If you are looking for a more premium feel, embroidery is the way to go. Using computerized machines, we stitch the images one stitch by one stitch onto your apparels. We recommend embroidery for polo tees and jackets.

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Custom Name & Numbers

For soccer jerseys or your class t-shirts, you might want your names and numbers on the shirts. We use Silkscreen printing instead of vinyl printing even for names to make sure that the durability and quality stays desirable.

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